Odoo Training 3 - Sourcing Request to Sales Order

Where do you log sourcing requests for new products? *

Where can you find the Opportunity in Odoo? *

What is the Sales Team Pipeline? *

Do you know which Sales Team you belong to? *

Your Sales Team:

To convert a quote to a Sales Order you have to do the following: *

When a quote is converted to a Sales Order which fields can NOT be changed? *

After the quote is converted to a Sales Order is an order acknowledgement automatically sent to the customer? *

Where is the invoice for the downpayment created? *

When requesting a Product Specification from a customer, is there a template available for this purpose? *

Do you have to complete the products specification before sending RFQ to factories? *

After completing the product Specification, what is the next step? *

When the vendor(s) are selected will the cost for each of the products in the quotation be updated automatically? *

When a quotation is sent to the customer, which E-mail template should you use? *

Is it possible to change a quotation and re-send it to the customer? *

The Sourcing Team pipeline has several steps. Which of the below is the correct? *

Each step has a number of activities. Which activity is the first in the Sourcing Pipeline? *

Can you belong to more than one Sourcing Team? *

Do you have to create a quotation before you send an RFQ? *

Is it possible to create many quotes for one opportunity? *

In the opportunity you can schedule meetings. Give three examples when you should use this functionality. *

When you create the quote, what can you change after you saved it? *

From a quotation it is possible to create RFQ's. How is this done? *

How many RFQ's to different vendors can you create for one Quote? *

What is the correct way of creating multiple RFQ's? *

In the Opportunity Form there is a field called "Next Activities". What is this field used for? *

The Description field for Next Activites is very useful. Can you change it? *

In the Chatter under "Log Internal Note" you can write notes. Can these notes be linked to an activity? *