Odoo v16: Top 3 New Features

And why your company needs them!
7 mars 2023 av
Gretel Collins
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From a new app set to improve internal functionalities to module updates, Odoo 16 is a game changer. Past versions of Odoo have presented us with user-centric changes and v16 is no exception. There are plenty of new things here and there, but we’ll share our favorite modules and changes in this post. Starting as a tiny ERP to becoming a fully-fledged open-source ERP software, Odoo has become an industry leader and we’re here for it.

Let’s talk about how Odoo is improving and how your company can benefit from it.

Overall, Odoo aims to simplify business processes with its modern approach and reduced costs. This makes it the perfect choice for small to mid-sized companies. But is Odoo the right fit for your company? Contact us today and one of our certified experts will guide you through it. 

Now, let’s jump right into it!

What’s new in Odoo 16? First, let’s talk about the new app.


When first announced, the Knowledge app was part of the Odoo community, but it’s now exclusively available on Odoo Enterprise Edition. Knowledge will allow you to replace tools like Notion and word processors, integrating all your documentation of projects and processes in one place.

Authorized users will be able to check on and share documentation on the company’s business procedures, allowing them to maintain proper communication within the organization itself.

This will be a great way to centralize all your information!

Integrated Website

With the goal of optimizing performance and gaining more popularity in this field, Odoo is merging its website builder’s backend and frontend to preserve a single interface allowing the user more customization options.

In v15, you had to leave your web builder in order to access anything backend-related.

You’ll have more control over the building blocks and access time-saving tools in the improved website module, as well as no longer need to refresh when you make configuration changes in the editor.


Enhancing existing features and the addition of new functionality makes this update one of the most exciting ones for our clients. Your business will benefit from improved inventory management, less complicated manufacturing and transportation of goods, simpler scan processes and overall higher efficiency.

The two most significant changes are replenishment visibility days and automation of backorders as an operation type when stock is unavailable.

Replenishment visibility days
Software updates now calculate and estimate the visibility days remaining to restock inventories for items or replenishment orders. This means hassle-free manufacturing or delivery of goods, which translates into better business processes.

Automation of backorders
Out-of-stock items in an order will no longer cancel the order. Your business will instead have the option to backorder the products or materials from a supplier. Odoo will automate this process in order to avoid confusion.

Honorable mention - Warehouse Barcodes
The Barcode app now integrates with the Inventory app giving you quick access to... Getting started with barcode scanning in Odoo has never been easier. Simplify and improve your warehouse processes and reduce operations time and errors with Odoo’s barcode plugins.

Why should you update your system to Odoo v16?

Odoo’s ERP software has always been about improving business processes and generating greater returns for its customers. Odoo 16 is no different and with this upgrade we see performance boosts, UI changes to make management easier and error fixes from previous versions. Better integration capabilities and enhanced functionality for your company are no longer an impossible task. 

Linserv AB is the only Odoo Gold Partner in Sweden and our team of certified experts is ready to help you migrate your system. The package is available to Enterprise customers at no additional cost and we have the experience and tools to help you upgrade quickly and efficiently.

Talk to an expert now!

If you want to learn more about all the changes Odoo 16 brings to your business, head on to the official release compilation.

Gretel Collins 7 mars 2023
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