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11 oktober 2023 av
Cathrine Niklasson
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Automatic Batch Transfers

At the level of Operation Types, decide how to automate the creation of batches, either per contact, carrier, or destination country.

Decide if backorders are automatically created or not per operation type.

Added storage categories and last count date. A warning icon is now displayed next to duplicate serials. Added an 'Apply all' button at the top of the screen and a filter for starred products.

It is now possible to create GS1 labels for lots and serial numbers (containing product, lot/SN, expiration date, and sell to date). Printing Package content also prints datamatrix codes for all content (including lot/SN, expiry dates, etc.).

Improved reception report with the addition of links to Sales Orders, product names on labels, automatic display on Barcode, and moving the auto-popup setting to the operation type.

Automate replenishment on specific locations by setting them as Replenishment Locations. Use the left panel on replenishment to sort by location and/or product category.

When resupplying from other warehouses, view their available stock from the replenishment report vendor info.

Revamped all reporting. Move easily from one report to another. Reworked menus.

Easily edit the quantity done in transfer operations.

Set visibility days on a replenishment rule to consider the quantity needed after the forecast date.

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Cathrine Niklasson 11 oktober 2023
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