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6 oktober 2023 av
Cathrine Niklasson
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Analytics Tool:

New analytics dashboard that works out of the box for SaaS users.

Access the backend view of products, events, and appointments in one click with a new button.

Define website homepage in settings: choose a dynamic page such as Event or Shop.

Ask visitors for their consent before storing non-essential cookies on their devices.

Showcase events anywhere on a website with the Dynamic Events building block.

Shapes can now be used with GIF images.

Enable grid mode on a building block to get full control of its elements.

Add a helpdesk page when creating a new website.

Fixed adding hyperlinks to images.

Use the new category of image shapes called 'Devices' to make images look like they are in a device (phone, tablet, computer).

The Live Chat tab has been replaced by a floating icon.

The mega menu can now use a transparent background color.

Edit websites in Mobile view.

The phone country code is now preset using GeoIP information on the Website contact form.

Catch a visitor's language in the CRM, Helpdesk or Calendar (Online Appointments) app based on which language version of the website they are browsing when submitting a form.

Added scroll animations.

Cleaned up website settings and added new product comparison prices.

See all website pages and objects at a glance with the Site menu.

Added a social media building block to manage all social network links easily.

Change the connectors' style on the Steps building block.

Choose if a building block should be visible on mobile only, desktop only, or both.

The backend and frontend menus were merged to navigate between the two smoothly.

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Cathrine Niklasson 6 oktober 2023
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