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Explore the new features in the Odoo 16 eCommerce App
4 oktober 2023 av
Cathrine Niklasson
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Abandoned Carts Reminders

Send abandoned cart reminders automatically to customers.

Customize the 'Alternative Products' block at the bottom of the product page.

Archived product variants are not selectable in eCommerce anymore.

Change product attributes display types (button, radio, color, etc.) from the front-end.

Customers can be notified when a product is back in stock. They can sign-up directly on the product page, even if not signed in.

The number of items in the cart is now constantly up-to-date.

Offer promotions, coupons, loyalty, and gift cards to customers. Track their usage across the Point of Sale, Sales, and eCommerce apps.

If using Google Places API: provide address autocomplete and validation during the eCommerce checkout.

Improved the checkout process when customer sign-in is mandatory.

Change page options in edit mode from the right panel.

Added the option to pick up and pay in-store during checkout.

Prevent visitors from adding some products to their carts. For example, B2B companies might not want to display prices for not connected users or not at all if the shop should just be a catalog.

Upload multiple pictures of a product in bulk. Display product pictures in a grid or caroussel.

Facilitate product filtering in the backend and frontend using product tags.

Set the default way products are sorted on the Shop page.

Allow customers to re-order the same products from their portal.

New integration between Rental and eCommerce: customers can now order rental products directly from the website. Customers can search for rental products that are available for a specific period. The search can be done using a specific bloc added somewhere on a website or directly in the product catalog with a date filter.

New default design for the Shop page

The eCommerce sidebar has been redesigned. They appear on the right panel on mobile. Filter categories using the new filmstrip bar.

Create buttons that will add a product to the customer cart.

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Cathrine Niklasson 4 oktober 2023
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