Our commitment to the environment

​We believe the only way to make a change in the world is by setting goals and taking action towards them. By providing consulting services, software and IT solutions that streamline our customers' operations, processes and flows in a variety of areas, Linserv leads a ''Go Paperless'' initiative to reduce paper consumption. When more communication takes place digitally, it results in a reduced environmental impact for our customers and our planet.

Green Odoo


Linserv conducts active environmental work in collaboration with our customers, partners, suppliers and employees and strives to meet and exceed the requirements set. Linserv shall, as a minimum, comply with applicable legal requirements with regard to its environmental aspects and, in the few parts of the business where it is relevant, prevent the occurrence of pollution.

Linserv’s CEO is responsible for team compliance and ultimately responsible for environmental work.

The environmental policy is communicated to all employees within the company as part of the company introduction, as well as to partners and suppliers.

It is the responsibility of each employee to follow the rules and routines that the company has set up for its environmental work. Environmental management in the office is handled by each employee. When purchasing goods and services for the company, environmental considerations are taken into account in order to reduce the environmental impact.

Environmental aspects ​

In its operations, the company has identified the following areas as its most important from an environmental point of view.


Linserv’s operations are for the most part of an office nature. The company strives to reduce the amount of waste generated as much as possible, and that which is generated is recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

Purchasing - in all purchases and procurements of systems and services, the environment must be considered as a parameter. Consumables purchased must have one of the well-established eco-labels.

Energy - in our day to day operations, energy is used for heat, hot water and electricity. We are also responsible for the operation of several server clouds and servers on behalf of our customers. Linserv works both to reduce energy consumption and to ensure that the energy used is eco-labeled.

Suppliers - Linserv suppliers affect the environment by, for example, disposing of the output or discarded equipment. Linserv shall, in addition to considering the environment when choosing suppliers, work with our suppliers to reduce their environmental impact.

Chemicals - in the small amount of chemicals used, they must be approved by the internal manager and be the choice for the business with the least environmental impact.

Travel - when travelling on business, always consider whether there is an alternative means of transport that ismore environmentally friendly such as trains instead of flights; use of alternatives to travel such as video conferencing and choice of vehicles with lower environmental impact.

Customers ​

With customised consulting services, systems and solutions in information management, meet the customer's needs and expectations with the right quality and the right competence, at the right time, and maintain good profitability in order to be a long-term partner for both customers, partners and suppliers.

Objectives and self-control 

Conducting active environmental work and reducing the company's environmental impact is a continuous work with continuous improvements. The environmental policy is reviewed and updated annually and the identified environmental aspects are translated into environmental goals with action plans attached.

Every year, inspections are carried out to see if the environmental goals have been met. If this is not the case, an action plan must be drawn up. The CEO is responsible for this self-inspection.

Create the best possible benefits for our customers, through a network of experienced partners with a market-leading range of software, solutions and services. Spread knowledge about information management through continuous cooperation with our customers. 

Operational management system  ​

Constantly develop our business management system according to customers', relevant authorities' and the company's wishes and requirements. Follow developed, documented processes with efficient IT systems to ensure quality. To constantly work with improvements and corrective measures that are continuously produced through reporting, deviations and follow-up of surveys in commitments for customers, employees and partners.

The offer 

Constantly offer a leading range of consulting services, software and solutions that are in demand by the market. The quality is ensured through the qualification of partners and solutions after analysis of the companies' recommendations as well as results in reference shootings.

Services and solutions  

Create the best possible benefit for our customers, through a network of experienced partners with a market-leading range of software, solutions and services. To spread information management knowledge through continuous collaboration with our customers.