Cloudworkz is our dedicated cloud environment. Built on OpenStack technology, Cloudworkz is secure, flexible and optimized for Odoo. Cost-effective infrastructure for customers with high business requirements for availability, flexibility and security. A complete CI/CD and operations service that requires no specialized IT skills from you.


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We monitor your system and keep everything up to date. We implement fixes and updates regularly to keep your business running smoothly, and advise on risk and security assessments.


Your data is important to us. That's why we always back up our servers. We are never more than a call away from restoring your business files!

A complete solution without compromise

OpenStack and cost-effective end-to-end hosting service. Optimized for companies that want to minimize dependency on their own infrastructure and expertise.

High availability, security and performance. 

The best IT solutions are now based on open source. More and more companies see open source as a strategic decision and part of their success. Join Android, Google, Amazon, Spotify, Tesla and many others in building your IT solutions with open source.

Cloudworkz Services

Smart Client 

Our Smart Client service includes ordering, delivery and maintenance of your hardware. Smart Client means you get a standard configuration adapted to your company and an annual check of all computers. This gives you the most trouble-free user experience possible.

Smart Client includes Panda Adaptive Defense 360, one of the best virus protection on the market, and Panda System Management, which allows us to manage the clients remotely for faster support. We can provide support, updates, reinstallation and even remotely transfer files or install software on your computers.

Of course, Smart Client means that the computers have everything you need for your daily work, both in the office and remotely.

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Smart Server 

We have a full range of server packages in the form of private, public and hybrid cloud services.

Smart Server is optimized and adapted to your needs - you only pay for what you use! Server management, support, upgrades, backup and monitoring at a fixed, manageable cost.

If necessary, we can integrate with your existing systems for more complex solutions where you may have multiple server roles.

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Smart Network 

When you choose Smart Network, we perform a needs analysis and a check of your existing network and then configure our firewall specifically for your network's needs. The firewall is fully managed and allows us to customize it for the best functionality and security.

The architecture provides better stability for your WAN/LAN and Cloudworkz network at a lower cost than equivalent solutions from other manufacturers. The service also includes monitoring of your network and free hardware updates.

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