Our services are optimized for your business needs 

As a customer, you have the opportunity to customize the SLA and adapt everything to meet your business requirements.

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Basic service

  • Physical hosting in Europe, with all active instances in Sweden (unless otherwise stated)
  • Hosting in Tier-III data centers or equivalent, with 99.9% network uptime
  • Grade A SSL (HTTPS) encryption of communications
  • Data is stored on multiple nodes for quick recovery
  • VM and application monitoring
  • Backup (at least 1 image/day)

It is possible to add additional services (request a quote) such as:

  • ​Disaster recovery plan (including backups, recovery plans and recovery tests)
  • Applications and security updates and hotfixes (selected applications)
  • Support for license provision and management, maintenance and upgrade services (agreed applications/systems)

The security of your data is very important to us and we design our systems and procedures to ensure it. Here are some examples:

  • When used, web connections to client instances are protected by 256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS with a 2048-bit SSL certificate)
  • Reliable platform - servers with full hardware warranty, redundant data storage, network and electrical accessories
  • Passwords provided by us (administrator users) are protected by encryption
  • Secure system - our cloud servers run the latest Linux distribution with security updates, firewall and anti-intrusion measures (not shown)
  • ​Isolation - customer data stored in separate databases - no sharing of data between customers, no access possible from one database to another

Backup and disaster recovery (objectives)

We offer solutions to perform incremental and/or image copies and store backups for up to 90 days depending on your application and choice of services. In addition, we can perform multiple incremental backups on selected systems and/or parts of systems during each 24-hour period. After incrementing, the customer can download manual backups of their live data for local purposes.

For a permanent disaster affecting only one server (VM), our typical** recovery plan has the following metrics: RPO (Recovery Point Objective)** = 60 minutes, meaning a maximum of 120 minutes of work can be lost. RTO (Recovery Time Objective)** = 240 minutes, meaning the service will be back online after a maximum of 240 minutes (Standby campaign time - DNS propagation time not included).

For data center disasters (an entire data center is permanently down), our disaster recovery plan has the following metrics: RPO (Recovery Point Objective) = 24 hours, meaning you can lose a maximum of 24 hours if work cannot be restored and we have to restore the latest daily backups. RTO (Recovery Time Object) = 48 hours, meaning that the service will be restored from backup within 48 hours in another data center.

** RPO och RTO varierar från kund till kund och från instans till instans. Målen är beroende av applikationen och de tjänster som kunden har valt. Kontakta er leverantör för information som är specifik för er applikation och instans. Dessa värden och mål gäller för hårdvara och VM-katastrofer men inte för korrupta kunddata eller databaser.

Beroende på design och arkitektur av kundens applikationen kan tilläggsdokument (pdf och andra format) i vissa fall inte var 100% tillgänglig vid återställning.  

High availability

Our data centers are Tier-III certified or equivalent, with N+1 redundancy for power, network and cooling. Every customer database is replicated in real time on redundant storage in the same data center, so that in the event of a hardware failure, a fault can be resolved quickly, with virtually no data loss.

Support and Helpdesk

Our technical support team is available on weekdays from 08.00-18.00. We offer additional technical support by appointment on weekends and holidays. Customers can register and track cases via our customer service portal or use our telephone-based support service.

We monitor all production servers 24/7 (automatic monitoring and event logging).

Read more about our Support Services

VM Uptime

  • We work with co-location providers who offer at least a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
    *This corresponds to a maximum unscheduled operating time of less than 1.5 min/24 hours or 9 hours/year.

  •  We can offer 99.9% server uptime (excluding scheduled maintenance)
    * These values refer to the availability of the platform for all customers. Individual databases may be temporarily unavailable for specific reasons, usually related to customer actions or customizations.

Conditions of contract

The monthly fee may vary based on the actual resources used or made available to the customer and/or the services used.

The agreement is automatically renewed for an equally long period  (period of agreement is printed on the invoice) unless one of the parties gives written notice not less than 90 days in before the end of the period.  Read our T&C here.

We cannot guarantee the continuation of the service in cases where the customer's invoices are unpaid.

Additional services

​Additional services are charged separately, according to the contract and in addition to the operational services above.

  • Patch services
  • Application maintenance services
  • Support services and helpdesk
  • Consulting services
  • Email and DNS related services
  • ​Network operation services
  • Application services
  • Installation and upgrade services
  • Recovery of applications, instances and databases

Support Contract

As a Linserv customer you have a choice between 3 types of Support Agreement.

On demand services (charged hourly at minimum 30 min per request) or purchase a Support Pack of 25 or 100 hours. For customers that 100% control of cost this is a great option.

On demand support with a Fixed Price Patch Agreement

Fixed Price Maintenance ​och Support agreement that includes yearly upgrades, server patched and hot fixes and "user support" at no additional charge.

Contact our sales team for more information and a quote.