Maintenance and Support (Odoo)

When a company depends on a secure and well-functioning system, maintenance and optimization of the system becomes extra important. Odoo SA and the Community release new features, updates and security patches daily. For a fixed monthly cost (Operations Agreement) we can keep your instance optimised and up to date. When you are ready to upgrade to latest version we make sure that it happens efficiently and without interruption to your daily business (Maintenance and Support Agreement). Customers with a valid Operations and/or Maintenance agreement enjoy additional discount on our standard hourly rates.

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The service includes

Fixed price upgrade

Upgrade to the latest version, fast and efficient
Continuous upgrades​

Customer specific and third party code upgrades including patches and bugfixes.

Access to Swedish adaptations

Adjustments for Swedish accounting, taxes and banks.

Instances and tools are included

No hidden costs for technology or tools.

Fixed price maintenance and support​

A reliable, secure and accessible system
As required hot-fixes

Requires that customer has a valid monthly patch agreement.

Fix bugs and errors at no extra cost

The support you need to resolve program errors as quickly as possible.

User and technical support​

Technical and user support at no extra cost.

Maintenance and support contracts are billed monthly for a minimum of 12 months. The monthly billing is based on the Odoo "cloc" bill. The customer has the right to have a version upgraded during each twelve-month period. An extra one-off fee of SEK 9900 is added at the start of the upgrade for administration of test and development instances and related database instances.

Technical and User support as defined below is included in our Maintenance and Support agreement at no additional cost.

Program bugs and errors are defined as follows:  A program does not function according to specification and the error can be replicated in a standard test instance (test data is standardised).

Our Maintenance and Support agreement is a monthly subscription service that includes Technical and User Support, bug fixes, and migration of covered extra modules.

Technical support is defined as all support related to the technical environment including VM and network related services.

Technical support in this context does not include creation of new instances, restore of backups, configuration of applications outside of the VM resource pool (external DNS, mail servers and other servers/services).

User support is defined as support to users in the form of advice or help related to the operation of the system in current configuration and with the currently installed applications and settings. Support includes advice, instructions, help with installed applications and functions, and related problem solving.  Support includes analysis and identification of program bugs and rectification of program bugs and errors.

Support in this context does not include implementation of new functionality, features or configuration. Support does not include the import of new data to the instance.  Support does not include database corrections.

Services that are charged separately
  • Provision of resources and infrastructure
  • Support related to import/export of data and data cleaning and or data validation in production instances
  • Implementation of new functions, features, applications, interfaces and programs
  • Additional services related to pay for service transactions (including but not limited to OCR, InExchange, AI transactions etc.)
  • Support for external applications
  • Restore of backups
  • Licenses