A high quality system with broad functionality

With Odoo, you get everything in one. It is a comprehensive system where you choose the functionality needed for your business. As your business grows, the system does so together with you. We install the functions that you need.

Odoo offers over 40 different apps. Everything from CRM, e-commerce and accounting to inventory, sales, and project management. The system is constantly updated and a new version is released every year. It is also possible to make specific customizations for your business in addition to what is offered in Odoo's own apps.

Email Marketing
HR & Recruitment

Free software without expensive licenses

Odoo is an open source system which means that the code is available to everyone and is free to change. With developers around the world contributing to the code, the software becomes better and more secure. Because it's free software, you don't have to spend money on expensive license fees.

Everything in the same system

Avoid double and triple storage of data. With all the functionality in the same system, you can keep all your data in the same place. This helps you save time on updates and you can easily get an overview of all your data. If you need to integrate other systems, this option is of course also available.

You choose where your data is stored

With Odoo, you are in control of your data and your business integrity. You decide whether the data is stored on your own servers or in the cloud. Odoo also complies with the new, stricter requirements that apply to both the public and private sectors.

Discover version 17

The new version of Odoo is here! It is faster, has multiple new apps and includes new AI solutions.

With Odoo 17 you can create personalized quotations for your clients, use ChatGPT to better your marketing and improve your work center operations with the new Shop Floor App. There are also multiple new features in apps like Accounting, Point of Sale, HR and Website, to name a few...

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We will help you with the migration

Since 2002, Linserv has helped companies of all sizes switch to Odoo. Our team of certified experts will help you implement Odoo and make sure that your staff knows how to use the system in the best possible way. We build bridges between business and IT, all in one place!