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Maria Åkerberg

Maria Åkerberg is a family business from Frillesås on the Swedish west coast and Sweden's leading brand in professional, natural skincare. Maria Åkerberg's business processes are carried out with the support of Odoo; everything from sales, marketing and accounting to production and inventory.

Tripled production with the help of Odoo

By using Odoo, Maria Åkerberg has been able to increase their production without hiring more staff. Here is what the founder Mikael Åkerberg says about their use of Odoo:

​”We wanted to be able to adapt the software that we were using in the company, to our needs. We needed a software that we could grow with. We were also in the need of traceability, production, accounting and having everything in the same system. By using odoo we have been able to triple our production without hiring any more people.”

The journey towards Odoo 15

In their journey towards Odoo 15, Linserv and Maria Åkerberg worked closely together to adapt the system to their business. 

This is what Stephen Schmidt at Linserv says about the project:

”To make this project a success there were three things. One was a clear vision. Utilizing the enterprise core functionality, not modifying unnecessarily.

Equally important was to improve the business processes to see value from using Odoo. More efficiency, better reporting, better KPIs, better analysis and a better flow in the daily work.

Lastly, development that was made to solve special problems. We worked closely together with Maria Åkerberg and Linserv to make sure that it was as little development as possible and really adding value to the business."

Odoo Success Story

Odoo themselves have also visited Maria Åkerberg to talk about their use of the system and how it has affected their business. Watch the video to see what Maria Åkerberg says about Odoo.

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