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Nox Consulting

NOX Consulting AB works to change and improve the labor market. They work in the consulting industry and are driven to pave the way for self-employment. NOX Consulting also runs the CIOCO2 initiative with the aim of spreading knowledge and awareness of the impact digitalization and IT has on our climate.

​Odoo has contributed to increased sales

Together with Linserv, NOX Consulting has digitized a lot of the company's internal processes, which has led to a significant increase in profitability. Manual data entry has been reduced, which has led to an increase in sales.

Josef Ramslöv of NOX Consulting explains why they chose to use Odoo:

”As any startup we started small, low costs and we used what we had at hand at that time. As we grew this became not feasible at all so we needed to find a system that could grow with us. Odoo was the perfect fit with everything in one place. That’s quite unique.

Linserv helps us not to do too complicated things. To stay as close to standard as possible. We know that adaptations we do drive maintenance, especially when it comes to version lift. It gets quite heavy if you have too many adaptations. On the other hand that help our business on a daily basis. So we need to balance these two against each other.”

Together with Linserv, NOX Consulting implemented Odoo in their daily operations. This is what Stephen Schmidt of Linserv says about the project:

”NOX Consulting chose Odoo as a standard business system, the main business system they would run to automate all of their complicated administrative processes. At the same time we needed to keep Odoo open to be integrated with other systems, like their A.I., to interpret a lot of data in other databases.”

Odoo Success Story

Odoo has also visited NOX Consulting to talk about their use of the system and how it has affected their business. Watch the video below to see what NOX Consulting themselves say about Odoo.

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