Odoo Training 2 - Followers, Chatter, E-mail

In the Sales App - Who automatically becomes a follower *

Is it possible to remove followers? *

Is it possible to remove the customer as a follower? *

Can you add a follower and select what they shall receive and update on? *

Can the follower decide what they receive updates on? *

When an internal note is logged in the chatter is the follower notified? *

When an e-mail is sent from the chatter do the follower receive an update? *

Where is the Chatter found? *

What is the purpose of the chatter? *

Can information in the chatter be changed? *

What is the Odoo Alias E-mail? *

Do all Odoo users have their own personal Odoo Alias? *

Does all the documents (SO, Po etc.) in Odoo have it own Odoo Alias? *

If a customer replies to an Odoo Alias dress where will the E-mail end up? *