Odoo Training 1- Basic Knowledge

What does the term partner mean? *

Partners are divided into Customers and Vendors. Which statements are correct about Vendors? *

All partners are stored in the same place but which partners do you see per default in the Sales App? *

Which partners do you see as a default view in Purchases App *

Is it possible to see Vendors in Sales App? *

How can you see vendors in the Sales App? *

Partners are also classified as individuals and companies. Is it good practice to create a company before you create an individual? *

One company can have many individuals. What is an individual? *

As a minimum requirement what information is required when setting up a partner? *

For every Partner you can add Product Category. When is this used? *

A sourcing request for a new product is in Odoo called.... *

A factory in Odoo is called..... *

A vendor is the same as a..... *

An RFQ in Odoo is a *

A PO in Odoo is.... *

An SO in Odoo is..... *

An SKU is in Odoo called.... *

What does the term "Back-to-Back" Purchase Order Mean *

Quality Control Inspector in Odoo is called.... *

One of the most important fields in the Product card is product categories. Which are the three categories? *

Why is it important to select the correct product category? Select the correct answers. *

If a product is categorised as a Service, which of the following statements are true? *

Which of the following should be classified as a Service Product? *

A Stockable Product has the following characteristics... *

Every product has a lead time, what does it mean? *

When is lead time used in Odoo? *

In Which Odoo Apps can you find products? *

Each Product has three description fields. Which ones? *

For the Vendor Description - which of the following are true: *

For The Quotation Description - which of the following are true: *

For each product you can add vendors. Why is this useful? *

The Discuss App is used for... *

The Sales App is for... *

The Purchase App is for *

A Form View is defined as..... *

Is this a Kanban view? *

What is this view called? *