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With 11 million users worldwide, Alfresco helps business flow in a seamless way. In Alfresco, it is easy to store, view, share and manage documents safely. This open source solution is both powerful in its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. As the application is written in Java; Alfresco can run on virtually any system that can run Java Enterprise Edition. The program is also easy to install and integrates beautifully with Odoo business system. The software itself is designed to be as easy as possible to use and customise. All services and products are also scalable, that is, they adapt to the amount of data, processor power and the number of users.

Powerful functionality
Flexible and easy to use
Improved productivity
Cost efficient

Does your company need a secure and easily accessible document management system? Then Alfresco may be just what you need. Read more on Alfresco's website.
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Some of the possibilities with Alfresco

All documents in the same place

Share documents with others.

Easy to find content

Preview your documents without having to download them.

Collaborate with colleagues

Find documents easily in group folders.

Robust and secure

Decide the visibility of your work site.



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