Pyramid services

Why move my Pyramid server off site to Cloudworkz?

Hosting Pyramid in-house is relatively expensive and unless you have good technical knowledge a potential business risk.   If you have servers, storage and data processing hardware, software, applications and infrastructure hosted on your premises, you’ll know this. It takes time, expertise and money to maintain and update these resources to keep pace with market demands and growth. 

When you migrate to Cloudworkz you cut IT capital and operating costs and gain the flexibility to scale technology as your business needs change.

Moving to the Cloudworkz gives access to enterprise-class technology. It allows smaller businesses to have the same level of technology, security and service as established competitors. Pay-as-you-go service means you can move faster without the need for technical knowledge and disrupt the market, while remaining lean and nimble. 

Moving to the Cloudworkz will help your business

  • Control your IT costs

  • Keep your system safe and up to date

  • Give you access to additional services your need  

Cloudworkz, the Swedish server alternative

  • Latest open source technology 

  • Optimized for Pyramid 4

  • A simple and flexible resource model

  • Competitive prices 

  • Full range of add-on services