The world's biggest cyber attack to date has infected at least 300 000 computers in more than 150 countries.

This malware spreads via email using a technique called "social engineering".

All Linserv server are rigorously monitored and protected from attack.  All Linserv "protected" servers have DR (Disaster Recovery strategies) in place.  We will be successively contacting individual clients with "unprotected" servers.

No malware or ransomware on has been detected or reported on end user clients (PC) inside Linserv networks.   Most Linserv clients have effective backup and DR recovery strategies.

We strongly advise our customers:

  • Do not open attachments from unknown mail recipients

  • All Linserv supported clients should have cryptolocker antivirus installed - contact your Linserv Support Technician f you are unsure- as usual there is no charge for advice and information about your system (Linserv Customers only).

  • Avoid the unnecessary use of Windows servers and clients.

  • Ensure that file backup and DR strategy is in place.  Contact Linserv Support technician if you are unsure. 

Please follow this link to additional information from Panda Antivirus