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Why you should choose Linserv:

  • Accessibility : You can reach us quickly and easily when you need support! With our dedicated technicians quickly on the scene you avoid telephone queues and waiting times.
  • Connectivity : We explain and document what we do and why without complicating it with jargon and keep it available for our customers.
  • Security . Clear procedures and processes for IT security with reliable solutions for increased security.
  • Cost . With us as a partner, you get cost-efficient IT. We offer you competitive, fixed pricing and smart solutions that usually lowers your IT costs by 20% or more.

All who like IT that works raise your hand!

It's never been easier to get to a well-functioning IT infrastructure and also make the budget. Switch to Open Source with you!


Let Linserv handle:

  • Upgrades
  • Wifi / Wireless Network
  • Thin clients
  • Linux / Open Sorce / Windows
  • Firewalls / Security - IT support

Our goal is to be the obvious choice for companies that want a comprehensive IT partner who takes full responsibility!

Some who have chosen Linserv

  • User support for 13 different offices
  • Operation
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Cloud Computing
  • Key IT Supplier
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Operation & Support
  • adminsitration of business-critical systems & databases
  • Operation & Support to production units in 5 different countries
  • Design and project management of Oracle systems
  • Technical advice for production critical systems